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First let me introduce myself! My name is Karla. I am the owner and designer behind Kraftygoodness.

Little history about me… I was a Systems Business Analyst in the Financial world for many years until I was blessed with a gorgeous baby girl at the end of 2012. Since then I have been a stay at home mom. Like many SAM, I was looking to make some extra cash and I was doing anything from data entry to completing surveys to clipping coupons in order to earn/save money. It wasn’t until the end of 2014 that I decided to focus on my crafts and the idea of Kraftygoodness came to be.

You see, I have always loved crafting! Even as a little girl, I used to play with stamps, paint and even paper dolls that I used to make dresses for.

I have always had an obsession with pens and paper, but it wasn’t until 2006-2007 that I was introduced to Stampin’ Up! and I was hooked! I became a demo just so I could buy items at a discount and little by little I started building my crafting supplies. I started making cards, centerpieces and party favors for family and friend’s events and that’s how it all started. With the years I have gotten better (at least I’d like to think so!) Family and friends started to order invitations and party favors but I would never charge people because I was afraid they would stop asking me to make them if I started charging. I never imagined someone would really pay me for some of my work; but in reality I never really saw it as work, it was just a hobby and a way for me to relax.

Now fast forward to 2014… I was faced with the reality that I needed to go back to work. Little side jobs or clipping coupons weren't going to work anymore, I needed to make some money in order to provide for my daughter and me. I started looking for a job but things were not working out the way I expected. At the same time that I was looking for a job and interviewing I was planning my daughter’s 2nd birthday party so I started making her party invitations, party favors and decorations. Shortly after her party one of my cousins asked me to make her daughter’s 3rd birthday party invitations. This was nothing out of the ordinary since I had already helped her in previous occasions… from her baby shower, baptism, 1st and 2nd birthday party. (Let’s just say she was a return customer lol.) The only thing different is that this time she said she would pay. She suggested, just like she always did, that I should make it a business and that was it!  

At that moment I decided that I would focus on growing my business. Within a couple of weeks, I had another order for invitations, party favors and other decorations. I decided to put some samples on Etsy and see how it was and that’s how Kraftygoodness came to be.

I have faith that God will help me grow this business. He knows my heart and what I need and desire in this life for my daughter and me. I hope I can inspire her to do something that she loves and is passionate about. I love you baby! you are my inspiration and strength to keep going forward.

Here’s to a great future!


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    Mom of a precious 3 year old who is my world! Crafter, reader and owner/designer of Kraftygoodness!